Friday, September 4, 2009


So, here I am again. I know I have neglected myself for the last 3 months. I was doing good with doing the Shred but it was KILLING my knees. It hurt immensely and I stopped. I stopped everything. I stopped exercising. I stopped eating right. I stopped caring for my home. Yet, here I am to try again. The good news is although I haven't lost any weight in the last 3 months, I haven't gained any either. So here I start again at the same place I ended. I can't believe how unbelievably hard it is to do this for myself. I will never give up completely though until I get to the end. It may take me several tries but I will do it.

I am off work today. They are not using my On Call. I work at the mall so I do stand and walk all day but that is the extent of my exercise. I am going to try and take a bike ride today.

It's really hard for me to not eat all day when I am off. I will be trying extra hard today.

1/2 cup eggbeaters
Dry English Muffin
Strawberry yogurt

Green and purple grapes

Smart Ones pasta primavera

Weight Watchers Ice Cream


I don't belong to Weight Watchers anymore so I can't get to the points calculator and such but I figure I will just try to estimate. I kind of remember what I was eating when I was on WW.


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