Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Low Calorie Mini Pizzas

I decided to try something new. I made mini bagel pizzas for dinner tonight. 
They are only 125-130 calories each. Depending on whether you want any 
toppings, it could be even less!

Mini Bagel Halves- 50 calories 
1 Tbsp. Hunts Tomato Paste- 15 calories
1/8 cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese- 40 calories
Pepperoni Slices- 10 calories each
Mushrooms- less than 1 calorie
350 degrees for 15 minutes. 

Step 1- Slice the Bagels

Step 2- Add Tomato Paste

Step 3- Add Cheese

Step 4- Add Desired Toppings

Step 5- Bake for 15 minutes on 350 degrees 
and voila! Mini Pizzas!

They were super yummy. Next time I may make some to freeze for taking to work with me.

March 31

Breakfast: Special K w/ Red Berries
Snack: Atkins Chocolate Coconut Bar. OhMyGosh! This was the tastiest candy I have ever eaten! It tasted EXACTLY like an Almond Joy minus the almond but better for you! Heaven in my mouth! I totally recommend them!
Late Lunch: Turkey sandwich on wheat bread w/ spicy mustard. Salad w/ ranch, mushrooms, carrots, & croutons.
Snack: Small French Fries from McDonald's.
Dinner- Mini Pizzas

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Detox-Day 1-B

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Banana
Dinner: 1 cup brown rice, salad with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day! Day 8

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear green so you don't get pinched!

Breakfast: Special K w/ Red Berries/ Skim Milk
Lunch: Subway turkey on wheat.
Dinner: 2 slices of pizza

So it seems that I have inspired some people to Detox and Smash some Fat so since we already
know that I am fickle, I am going to start Detox again tomorrow and up until we go on
vacation next Wednesday (and yes, I know that was a very long run on sentence!!)

Day 7

Breakfast: I don't think I had any.

Lunch: 6 inch Veggie sub at Subway.
Dinner: Chicken Salad and fresh spinach wrap.


Monday, March 15, 2010



1.likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable.
2.not constant or loyal in affections.
So, I am fickle. I change my mind at the drop of a hat! 6 days of Detox and I am ready for a change! I lost 8.6 lbs on detox. Awesome! The bad part is that I can't stay on detox forever. I know I am supposed to be on Detox for 3 more days but I am moving on a little early.  
Breakfast: Nothing. Totally my fault. We woke up an hour late and had to get dressed and run out the door because we were late for school and work. 
Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwich. (toasted) I was actually craving this!
Dinner: Healthy Choice Soup, Chicken/Spinach Wrap.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Detox-Day 6

I honestly can hardly believe that I have made it this many days so far without quitting or eating something that I am not supposed to. I really am proud of myself. It's so hard. It is so much easier to stop at a fast food place and get something quick. So much easier to eat junk. It's a lot cheaper to eat that stuff too. I'm going to keep on going though. I am worth the wait and the money!

I brought my recumbent bike back in from the garage. My house is small. Only 800 sq. feet. There isn't much room for it. It's been in several different rooms and it just doesn't work out in any of them. This time I put it in the bedroom, next to the bed, on my side. I can't get out of bed on my side. I have to slide to the bottom to get out but I can't use it if it's not inside so it's worth it. It's been there about a week. I finally rode it today. I set up my Laptop with the last episode of Greys Anatomy that I missed and pedaled my legs the entire 43 minutes that the show was on. You might be thinking oh yeah big deal 43 minutes. To me it is a big deal! I DID IT! I ACTUALLY DID IT! My legs were tired and I was sweaty beyond belief, but I did it. Following through and finishing makes me want to do it again tomorrow. 43 minutes will eventually turn into an hour and then maybe 2. I have to give myself goals that are achievable or I won't be able to keep on going!

Breakfast- Left-over rice w/ broccoli and mushroom tomato sauce.

Well of course I spoke too soon for the day! Today was the Chinese Auction at Natalie's school. They had a bunch of food and desserts. While it's still fresh in my mind, here's what I ate:
-Raw veggies-broccoli, celery, carrots, tomatoes
-Two mini ham rolls. (Size of a quarter each).
-Small section of Natalie's pretzel w/ cheese.
-2 small squares of veggie pizza. (about the size of 4 quarters in rows of two).
I didn't eat any of the many many yummy looking desserts and I drank Water instead of Soda. In the grand scheme of things, it's not horrible for you food, just off the detox plan. There was also much more yummy looking warm foods that I passed up.

Dinner: Eggbeaters w/ salsa, cucumber

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Detox-Day 5

Breakfast- Eggbeaters w/ salsa, beans, grapes.

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Last of the bean soup! Thank goodness! lol

Dinner: Rice w/ broccoli and mushroom tomato sauce.

Snack: Orange

Friday, March 12, 2010

Detox-Day 4

Breakfast: Oatmeal & Strawberries

Snack: Banana

Snack: Bean soup

Lunch: Salad
-Fresh greens
-Banana peppers

Dinner: Egg beaters and 3 Roma tomatoes

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Detox-Day 3

Breakfast: Banana

Snack: Key Lime yogurt

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Brown Rice w/ green beans

Dinner: Bean soup.

Snack: Apple

Snack: Strawberries w/ vanilla yogurt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Detox-Day 2

Breakfast: 1/2 cup eggbeaters w/ chopped mushrooms. Blueberry yogurt.

Snack: banana
Snack: apple
Lunch: Leftover brown rice w/ green beans and a Roma tomato.
Dinner: Salad w/ mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
Dessert: Strawberries w/ strawberry yogurt poured on top.

and I'm full!

Shine All Night

Last weekend Natalie and I went to the Martina McBride/Trace Adkins/Sarah Buxton Shine all Night concert. It was a last minute decision and we got our tickets an hour before the show. We ended up with front row center! Awesome! Natalie even got to meet Sarah Buxton and her band mate!
It's okay, I'm with the band!
Natalie and Sarah Buxton and her band mate!
Hillbilly Bone!
Halfway through the show Martina rode this light up moon
from the main stage to a smaller stage that was right in front of us!
Totally Awesome!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fat Smashing

Fat Smashing

Have you heard of the Fat Smash Diet? It's designed by Ian K. Smith, MD. He is the guy who does the Celebrity Fit Club. It's not a quick fix diet. It's a way of eating differently. You focus on eating foods that are healthy and filling and you combine this with exercise. It's nothing new. Calories In vs Calories Out. Just cut out the junk, eat well, and exercise. Simple right? His approach is separated into 4 phases.

Phase 1- "Detox" (9 days)
In the first phase of the Fat Smash Diet, food choices should be eaten raw, grilled or steamed. So here's the list of authorized foods for the first nine days. Basically, if it's not on here, you can't have it.

Authorized foods:
-Fruit in any quantity
-Veggies in any quantity except:
-No white potatoes
-No avocados
-Protein sources:
-Brown rice, two cups of cooked rice per day
-Skim milk, two cups per day
-Oatmeal, one cup per day
-Herbs and spices
-Low fat yogurt, 6 oz., two times per day
-Egg whites, Four cups per day
-Herbal tea, two cups per day
-Low fat dressing, No more than three tablespoons per salad
-Low fat virgin olive oil, one or two teaspoons if grilling veggies.

Phase 2- Foundation (3 weeks)
In this phase you continue to eat phase 1 foods and also introduce the following foods:
Foods allowed in limited quantities in this phase include avocado, lean meats, seafood, whole egg, cheese, a variety of whole-grain cereals, granulated sugar, butter, fat-free mayo, coffee (10 ounces a day), fruit juice, diet soda, lemonade, and club soda. Continue to eat 4-5 meals a day.

Phase 3- Construction (4 weeks)
In this phase you eat the same foods as phase I & 2 except you will reintroduce whole wheat pasta and bread, increase the amounts of protein, adds fat free mayo & peanut butter, 2 whole eggs, 3 cups of low fat milk now & 1.3 oz of low fat/fat free cheese, 2 cups of freshly squeezed juice & whole grains bread 4 slices a day, 1 cup of pasta and 1 desert serving per day.

Phase 4- The Temple (for life)
The Temple is the final stage and one that the author promises will last a lifetime. In the phase wine, beer, pizza, and potatoes are now included, accompanying the guiding principles of exercise, portion control, not skipping meals, and eating four to five times daily.

The Fat Smash Diet is designed to change your relationship with food and get you hooked on regular physical activity for the rest of your life. At the end of the 90-day period, you should be making better food choices, eating fewer calories, exercising regularly, and losing weight.

During the detox phase, cravings are suppose to be smashed, and the nourishing power of fruits and vegetables reintroduced to your diet.

So, here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Snack: Banana

Late Lunch: Salad w/ cucumbers, tomatoes, & mushrooms.

Dinner: Brown rice w/ steamed green beans. Strawberry yogurt.

I know I didn't space things correctly but I didn't get to the grocery store until after work. Tomorrow should be better.