Sunday, March 14, 2010

Detox-Day 6

I honestly can hardly believe that I have made it this many days so far without quitting or eating something that I am not supposed to. I really am proud of myself. It's so hard. It is so much easier to stop at a fast food place and get something quick. So much easier to eat junk. It's a lot cheaper to eat that stuff too. I'm going to keep on going though. I am worth the wait and the money!

I brought my recumbent bike back in from the garage. My house is small. Only 800 sq. feet. There isn't much room for it. It's been in several different rooms and it just doesn't work out in any of them. This time I put it in the bedroom, next to the bed, on my side. I can't get out of bed on my side. I have to slide to the bottom to get out but I can't use it if it's not inside so it's worth it. It's been there about a week. I finally rode it today. I set up my Laptop with the last episode of Greys Anatomy that I missed and pedaled my legs the entire 43 minutes that the show was on. You might be thinking oh yeah big deal 43 minutes. To me it is a big deal! I DID IT! I ACTUALLY DID IT! My legs were tired and I was sweaty beyond belief, but I did it. Following through and finishing makes me want to do it again tomorrow. 43 minutes will eventually turn into an hour and then maybe 2. I have to give myself goals that are achievable or I won't be able to keep on going!

Breakfast- Left-over rice w/ broccoli and mushroom tomato sauce.

Well of course I spoke too soon for the day! Today was the Chinese Auction at Natalie's school. They had a bunch of food and desserts. While it's still fresh in my mind, here's what I ate:
-Raw veggies-broccoli, celery, carrots, tomatoes
-Two mini ham rolls. (Size of a quarter each).
-Small section of Natalie's pretzel w/ cheese.
-2 small squares of veggie pizza. (about the size of 4 quarters in rows of two).
I didn't eat any of the many many yummy looking desserts and I drank Water instead of Soda. In the grand scheme of things, it's not horrible for you food, just off the detox plan. There was also much more yummy looking warm foods that I passed up.

Dinner: Eggbeaters w/ salsa, cucumber

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