Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Trying again. Weigh in tomorrow. I want to say this is finally it. I hate to kid myself though! Two weekends ago was my family reunion. It was fantastic! 7 days ago, the pictures started appearing on Facebook! NOT Fantastic! LOL 7 days ago, I saw one of the worst pictures of myself EVER and I was mortified. TRULY MORTIFIED. It's me. HowWHY did I let this happen to me? Why have I chosen to be on constant diets for the last 11 years. Yes, 11 YEARS. That is A LONG TIME to be trying failing to lose weight! UN-BE-LIEVABLE! So, it's been 7 days. My goal for today is to make it 8 days. Photobucket is not working for me right now. I will share the picture at a later time.

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