Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Bleed BLUE!

I LOVE the NY Giants. Always have, Always will. I call them my Home-Home team because I was born and raised in NJ where I learned from my older brother that we are Giants fans! I LOVE the NY Rangers. Always have, Always will. I learned that from my older brother too! I also believe in supporting your home team which is why I LOVE the Indianapolis Colts! Always will! I did NOT learn that from my brother! Maybe I just love the Manning Brothers! I once said that I hated Sundays and he replied with, "I would hate Sundays too if I was a Colts Fan!" Haha! They are my Home team! Luckily for me they only play each other once in a BLUE moon! I Love Blue!

So, way to go to my Home-Home team, the NY GIANTS, for winning the 2012 Super Bowl and bringing home the my Indianapolis Colts Stadium!!!

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