Sunday, August 1, 2010

BSBWL Challenge-Day 5

Here I am on day 5. Still going strong. I am starting to have some cravings for things I can't eat though. I haven't had any Diet Coke in about a month. I was wishing for some yesterday and today though. I wished through it and had some Water and Crystal Light. Mowed the grass today. It's not as much exercise as it used to be though because we have a riding lawn mower now!

As you know, I got a promotion at work. I got it instead of someone else that has been there longer. She is very unhappy, which I can understand. However, I didn't make the decision but apparently she is mad at me about it. She un-friended me on Facebook today. Out of respect for her being my friend on Facebook, I didn't even post about it on there even though I was tremendously happy about it.

I got a new fish tank today. It's 20 gallons and I got a wooden stand for it as well. The old tank was 10 gallons and the one before that was 5 gallons. My fish just keep growing and growing! The one has to be at least 5 inches long now! They were feeder Goldfish that we won at the fair last year by throwing the ping pong ball in the fish bowl. I can't believe they are still alive! This is the biggest tank I am getting though so if they get to big for this one then they are going to have to go and live somewhere else!

Denny's Ultimate Omelette


Beef Tips w/ Worcestershire sauce

48 ounces water
2 glasses Crystal Light

My MIL brought over my very favorite food tonight. It's her home made macaroni soup. I'm not having any. I've got my eye on the prize!

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