Sunday, April 19, 2009


Went to McDonald's this morning to pick up breakfast. Here is what was purchased:
*2 burrito meal
*hotcakes and sausage meal
*biscuit w/ butter

I will tell you that I (heart) McDonald's. Like really love it! So, which food above do you think I ate? Got your guess in?

Well...NONE of it was for me! I didn't see any point in getting something for myself that I could make at home. We are out of milk and other breakfast items for the other two to eat but there were eggs and some bacon left for me to eat! At first the hashbrowns smelled so good in my car on the drive home, but after a few minutes it kind of faded away and I didn't even think about them anymore! :)

My breakfast was: Bacon, eggs, and cheese cubes.

Natalie and I are going to go to the mall today to get some walking in since I am off today.

Well we went to the mall and fiddled around for a few hours. Stopped at Gymboree for awhile and used some coupons on some cute stuff! We checked out the newly opened Sephora store where the lady encouraged Natalie to use the tester stick and put pink eyeshadow all over her arm! Lol, thanks Lady! We ate lunch at the mall too. Here's the choices that are in our food court:
3 Chinese places
Major Munch (burgers I think, I've never eaten there.)
Long John Silver
Great Steak and Potato Company
Auntie Anne's
The best choice for me was Great Steak and Potato Company. I got Steak and cheese with lettuce sandwich...minus the sandwich! They have the option to just put it in a bowl and fore go all the bread! After lunch we left and went grocery shopping at Walmart for awhile. We are always in there forever but we walk a lot so it's cool!
For dinner I made chicken and broccoli.

It was a nice day. Back to work tomorrow!

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