Sunday, April 26, 2009

The same...yet different.

I have two pairs of these pants for work. Both exactly the same. (They are Right Fit Yellow-Size 3). I don't understand why that even though they are exactly the same, one pair has always been snug. I never wear that pair because they aren't comfortable. Well, I can wear them now! They are no longer snug! Wahoo!


  1. Whoohoo way to go Jennifer!! Don't you just hate when jeans are marked the same size but in reality there is NO WAY they can be? I have a pair of jeans in the size I am currently and they measure the same as pre-baby jeans..umm okay thanks for making me feel even bigger since they come no where close to fitting.

  2. :) I have been swearing that they were miss-marked since I got them. lol I kept them anyway because I knew I would eventually get smaller and I had gotten them on sale!